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Meat Share FAQ

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Gunthorp Farm: http://www.gunthorpfarms.com
Mint Creek: http://mintcreekfarm.com
Grass Run: http://www.grassrunfarms.com
Moore’s Family Eggs: http://www.moorefamilyfarm.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline or sign-up?
You can sign-up or cancel your share at any time. We will be figuring out what we will be getting from the farm that week the Sunday before the deliveries. This means you must sign-up or cancel your share by SATURDAY NIGHT the week before the designated pick-up day, If you are going to be unable to pick-up during the designated pick-up window and you would like a refund for the week, you must let us know by the preceding SATURDAY so that we do not order meat for you.

Will the meat arrive fresh or frozen?
We want to get you fresh meat whenever possible. Most of the pork and poultry option will be coming from Gunthorp Farm and they almost always bring fresh cuts since they have their own processing facility. Every now and then, Gunthorp will give us something frozen if they need to go through some of their reserves. Beef will be sourced from a number of farms. Sometimes it will be fresh if they have processed animals recently but sometimes it will arrive frozen.

How are the animals raised?
All of the farms we work with pasture their animals meaning they live their lives outside roaming and foraging. They do not use cages but do provide shelters in the pastures for inclement weather. All of the farms strictly avoid the use of hormones and antibiotics on their animals.

What do the farms feed their animals?
All our farms pasture their animals, which means they get to eat what they find available in the fields. Since there isn’t always ample food growing in the pastures, the farms also supplement the diets with feed. Gunthorp uses non-gmo grains, corn and soybeans. Mint Creek uses non-gmo grain and corn but no soy. Two of the farms we will be sourcing some of our beef from, Grass Run and Local Source, are all grass-fed meaning they supplement with hay and grasses.

Are the animals organic-certified?
The farms we work with are not certified organic. Despite the fact that they use organic and sustainable practices and avoid non-natural pesticides and fertilizers, the process for organic-certification is costly and takes years of agency review.

Are substitutions or special requests possible?
Unfortunately, at this point we are unable to offering substitutions. If you do want a particular cut or a large portion, if you let us know the preceding SATURDAY to the pick-up day we can try to arrange a special order with the farms and then add it to the items you are receiving. We will then charge you when you pick-up.

How will bike delivery work?
We work with a bike courier who delivers in the area between North Avenue and Van Buren, Western Avenue and State Street. Bike deliveries will be sent out Saturday afternoon between 2pm-5pm. Due to the perishable nature of the fresh meat, subscribers must be at home to receive the delivery.

Can I request a different pick-up day?
Unfortunately, because of limited refrigerator and freezer storage and the particular delivery schedules for the separate farms, all subscriptions need to be picked-up during the Friday-Saturday window.

How does payment work? How do I cancel my share?
Once you sign-up for the Meat Share Program you will be auto debited every 14 days.  If at any point you find that the share is not working for you for any reason, simply cancel via the link provided each time you are debited or shoot us an email (info@greengrocerchicago.com) and let us know that you are cancelling. You must cancel by the preceding Saturday before a designated pick-up day if you do not want to pay for that week’s items.

Your question not listed? Please contact us, we’re happy to help.

Ready to get your Meat Share going?

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